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Justin Bieber’s Old Hairstyle vs. New Hairstyle


I don’t normally get into popular artists hairstyle but my son recently asked me about the new Justin Beiber Hairstyle. Who would have thought that I would be affected when Justin Bieber gets haircut.

The recent Justin Beiber haircut has been making waves among his fans, although my son is just mildly interested. That I guess is part of being a father in today’s generation, you have to see the new Justin Beiber Hair.

If you noticed that I spelled Justin Bieber’s name wrong, then you are part of the few who really check into details. Only a few percentage of readers could post the difference.

This is Justin Bieber the way he looks before. His old looks and hairstyle:

Here is Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle. Hold your breathe, everyone. The new Justin Bieber hair cut!

Which do you like better? It looked pretty much the same to me… but well you can take your pick.

Finally I told my son I liked the new Justin Bieber hair cut just so he could get back into playing his toys, and so he did. So we meet again until the next time Mr. Bieber gets a hair cut.


  1. Mason

    OMG!… he changed his hair style!! He never should have done that his normal wavy hair is awesome!! I even have the style and like 4 other kids I know have it, I’m 10 years old and I’m popular but I’m like a 13 year old.

  2. Who cares about his haircut, the world is having alot earthquakes, and people care about his new zac efron haircut, no one cares save the world and stop caring for justin bieber, the world wants peace, the world doesn’t want crappy new teen pop stars.

    • u need to shut up i love justin bieber and im not going to be mean to him kay so be quiet about my man

  3. i love you justin bieber


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