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Dao Diamond Hotel and Tagbilaran City

line Dao Diamond Hotel and Tagbilaran City

When we went to Bohol, we decided to stay at a hotel in Tagbilaran City. We chose Dao Diamond Hotel because of the great reviews that it got and because of their support for the deaf people which comprise their staff. Another plus for Dao Diamond is that it is very close to Island City Mall and to the airport and is reasonably near the beach resorts at Panglao Island. If you are looking for a noisy and busy hotel with glittering lights like Las Vegas casinos, you might want to look for other hotels.

Dao Diamond hotel has a serene ambience and since the staff are mostly deaf – the place is very, very quiet. Its perfect for those that are looking for a relaxing place to stay. The hotel also has a free Wi-Fi, although its not as reliable. Still its enough for many of the tourists to check their emails or play Online casinos which seems to be popular with them.

Having stayed at the Hotel and having traveled a few times within Tagbilaran, I have mostly good things to say. Although labeled as a City, Tagbilaran retains the feel of a provincial town, which is a good thing in my opinion. Trees and plants are everywhere and the streets are not too littered by ads and buildings. In fact it reminds me of how my own hometown looked like when I was a kid – which sadly is now a city with very little trees left. The only thing that put me off are some of the roads that need dire repair.

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